Reflections on TIPC 1.0 Milestones

Thinking & Analysis

As we evolve into the expansion and scaling stage of Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP), we take a look through the key milestones of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium’s (TIPC) first phase from 2016 to 2023.

We have highlighted the illustrative moments of our international strategic partnership of researchers, policymakers and practitioners committed to transformative system change for a sustainable global future. Download ‘A Journey through TIPC 1.0’ to view all the key developments and milestones. The infographic shows the academic, partnership, practice and impact milestones reached (see colour coded key below) with explanations of why they were significant for the TIP network.

Moreover, there have been many other significant developments than just those featured here. However, we hope this gives a distinct overview of the TIP work and research accomplished to provide a reflective overview for members, partners and associates. Please share with us your reflections and insights on Twitter  and let us know the meaningful moments for you!

Dive into the journey below on how the TIP methodology was developed and enacted across policy engagements, experiments, learnings, communications and conferences to steer towards transformative systems change that helps reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Furthermore, these insights and learnings have been adapted into a digital platform of resources to enact TIP – the TIP Resource Lab.

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