Mapping of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Development in Ghana Using the Transformative Change Lens

Policy Resources

Science, technology and innovation (STI) play pivotal roles in poverty eradication and sustainable development. Yet, tapping into the benefits of STI can only be achieved by creating robust STI systems and appropriate policy frameworks using novel approaches. In this regard and in order to achieve transformative change in Ghana, the emerging Transformative Innovation Policy frame – or ‘Frame 3’ lens – has been identified as a potential frame to guide the STI policy cycle. The Frame 3 lens aims to strengthen STI policy formulation, implementation, evaluation, and governance while contributing to addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This report maps the STI policy development and STI ecosystem in Ghana through the Transformative Innovation (‘Frame 3’) lens with the objectives of tracing the evolution of STI policy in Ghana and identifying existing and emerging opportunities for Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP). The outcome of this mapping sets the stage for an in-depth case study using the Transformative Innovation Learning Histories (TILH) Methodology.