Towards a Framework for Formative Evaluation for TIP

Policy Resources

The Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium
(TIPC) brings together global actors to explore the
future of innovation policy – its foundation, formulation
and governance. The Consortium’s key objective is
to examine and expand on current policy approaches
to assist in solving urgent social, environmental and
economic issues. This is a challenge for both the Global
North and the Global South. TIPC aims to shape and
deliver a new transformative innovation policy framework
alongside other associated ‘policy mixes’. During the
process, all participants are positioned as active coresearchers
and policy co-designers.
In both TIPC’s pilot year (2017) and TIPC’s 1st year
(2018), evaluation was one of the key areas highlighted
along with research, experimentation and implementation.
A group of researchers from SPRU and INGENIO have
developed this guiding framework for the evaluation of
Transformative Innovation Policies (TIP). We expect that
this framework can guide the evaluation of the specific
policy experiments to be developed by TIPC.