Participatory video as a methodology to strengthen collective trasnformation for local communities

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21 January 2022 15:00 (GMT)
21 January 2022 16:15 (GMT)

Empowering communities by providing them with tools and participatory methodologies has been one of the aims of the Colombian STI Ministry “A Ciencia Cierta” social appropriation of knowledge program. The program officials want to use tools to nurture experimental initiatives and connect them with similar ones towards niches construction.
We propose the use of participatory video as a methodology to strengthen collective envision for local communities. Participants plan, produce, do the edition and finally present a video around a collective challenge by telling their own stories, values, experiences to communicate with wider audiences (White, 2003). The videos are entirely produced by the participants with the support of professionals and researchers involved in the project.
The team will invite at least three experiences supported by the ACC program to be part of the experience. Those participating will develop videos no longer than 10 minutes.
The project has three phases:
1.Training in the participatory video methodology with Minciencias officers, who will work with the communities.
2.Video’s diagnosis, planning, production and edition by the communities supported by ACC and communication professionals from Minciencias.
3.Public presentation of the videos at the TIP conference.
The videos will share two common questions that will guide their development:
•How our experience is changing our lives and environment?
•What do we need to make it stronger?
The initiative will start in September and will culminate with the public presentation of the videos.

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Experimentation for transformative change


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Alejandra Boni
Alejandra Boni is professor at Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain) and deputy director of INGENIO (CSIC-UPV). She is honorary professor at the University of the Free State in South Africa. Her research interest focus on human development, higher education, global citizenship and transformative innovation. She is leading the experimentation and formative evaluation component of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium.
Diana Velasco
Diana is an anthropologist and a systems engineer. She also holds a PhD in Science and Technology Studies from the University of Edinburgh. Interdisciplinary research and practice has been a constant in her career. With a background in innovation studies, she has worked in the design and implementation of strategies and policies for research, social projection and teaching in universities. She has been director of research and innovation in Universidad del Rosario, Colombia; and Provost in Universidad de Ibagué, Colombia. Her main research areas are innovation studies, STI policies design, higher education management, and development studies. She has worked on TIPC as a Research Fellow at INGENIO, leading on the development of formative evaluation for different experimental policy engagements developed with varying members of TIPC.