Evolving innovation space, RDI policies and impact evaluation

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20 January 2022 16:45 (GMT)
20 January 2022 17:30 (GMT)

The aim of the initiative is to explore new perspectives to innovation policy impact and impact analysis, and to spark the debate and reflection on impact evaluation to broaden the discussion horizon.

The main objective of the initiative is to improve understanding on the impact evaluation in evolving innovation space, and collect data and knowledge to develop concepts and instruments for impact evaluation. This main objective includes at least the following themes (research questions): 1) How can RDI impacts be measured in the evolving innovation space?; 2) What are the new methodologies and criteria of impact analysis and how could they be developed further, taking into account the effects of RDI funding on resilience?; and 3) How can policy makers make use of these methodologies and criteria of impact analysis to accelerate innovation?

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Conceptualisation of innovation for transformative change


Helka Kalliomäki
Dr. Helka Kalliomäki works as an Associate Professor (tenure track) in innovation policy at the School of Management/regional studies and at the research platform on innovation and entrepreneurship Innolab at the University of Vaasa. She received her PhD degree in human geography in 2012 from the University of Turku, and has a strong track-record in managing and building challenge driven multidisciplinary research projects engaging stakeholders from public and private sector, nationally and internationally. Her research expertise is especially related to strategic urban development, innovation policy and innovation environments, and the societal impact of research. One of her most recent publications in Research Evaluation deals with productive interactions in urban research collaboration. Her ongoing projects include ELVIS – Evolving innovation space, RDI policies and impact evaluation (Business Finland, 2020-2022), and FAIR – Finding innovations to Accelerate Implementation of electric Regional aviation (ERDF/Interreg Botnia-Atlantica, 2020-2022).
Leena Kunttu
Dr. Leena Kunttu holds a PhD degree in Information Technology (signal processing) from the Tampere University of Technology, Finland (2006), a PhD degree in Economics (innovation management) from the University of Vaasa, Finland (2019), and Master of Arts degree in Education from the University of Tampere (2020). Between 2007 and 2012, she served as Senior Manager in an area of innovation at the Nokia Corporation. During her career in Nokia, she led several collaborative projects between the company and external research institutes, such as universities. She also led and participated in joint educational activities between Nokia and universities. In 2015-2020, Dr. Kunttu served as a postdoc researcher in an area of innovation at the University of Vaasa. Since 2020, she has acted as Senior Specialist in innovation development at University of Vaasa. Her current research interests include university-industry collaboration, educational involvement, innovation policy, and the commercialization of university technologies.
Jari Kuusisto
Dr. Jari Kuusisto is a science and innovation policy expert with over 20 years of experience in providing in-depth strategic consulting to high-level government agencies, businesses and international organisations in more than 15 countries, EU, OECD and UN. His expertise focused on Science and innovation policy, university organisational development, strategic change management and research profile development and upgrading. His research has been published in high-level scientific journals such as Research Policy and has authored several policy programmes with government agencies, ministries, OECD and the European Commission. Kuusisto has demonstrable skills in orchestrating large-scale R&D projects, leveraging international resources and personnel across international boundaries and a proven history of forging key partnerships with private and public sector partners throughout Europe to secure continued funding for research endeavours.
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