Pitch Your Transformation: Fit4Food: Transforming the system of promotion of healthy and sustainable diets in Barcelona

Past Event
19 January 2022 13:00 (GMT)
19 January 2022 14:00 (GMT)

This session of ‘Pitch Your Transformation’ combines:

  • Fit4Food: Transforming the system of promotion of healthy and sustainable diets in Barcelona
  • Creating a tool to supporting sustainability transitions for the water-energy-food nexus policies
  • Water Innovation Hub

Each project will present for 10 minutes followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. 


Fit4Food: Transforming the system of promotion of healthy and sustainable diets in Barcelona

In order to improve how we address non-communicable diseases and climate change, we explore how to create the appropriate context for the transformation of the model of promotion of healthy and sustainable diets (HSD) in Barcelona. To do so, we have created a Community of Practice (CoP) with more than 45 organizations that iteratively meet in reflexive and mutual learning processes where they co-create knowledge on the current systemic complexity, on a future shared vision with a new model of HSD and on transformative initiatives. These initiatives aim to improve the current fragmented existing solutions and to stimulate the ideation and implementation of novel solutions that better respond to system complexity and to the needs and expectations of a wide variety of social actors both within and outside the scientific community.

The result is a CoP with a collective strategic and action plan that includes: A) networking activities aimed at organizations and networks for: systemic reflection and monitoring; innovation both in communication and in participation; adaptation of R&I to better respond to local needs; improvement of existing training activities; and developing and promoting new policy instruments. B) Innovative initiatives through a Community Food Centre being stablished as a system of peer cooperation where a wide variety of stakeholders promote innovation, not only in their organizational models but also in the focus of their interventions, that will become more systemic, and will therefore focus on health and environmental sustainability with changes in different areas of the system.

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Experimentation for transformative change
Challenge-led: Food


Rosina Malagrida
Malagrida is the head of the Living Lab for Health at IrsiCaixa, co-coordinator of the Barcelona CaixaResearch Living Lab and co-founder of the Barcelona Hub of the Systems Innovation Platform. She aims to contribute to improve the resolution of complex health challenges by facilitating transitions in the way research and innovation is implemented in the systems affected by the challenge. She offers consultancy and facilitates transformation networks within innovation ecosystems to promote changes in organizational models to make them more systemic, distributed, transdisciplinary, open and inclusive. With different participatory approaches, academic and non-academic stakeholders are invited to participate in strategic reflections and in the co-design and co-implementation of action plans to promote alignment and improvement of current solutions and to co-design new ones that better respond to the complexity of the challenges while taking into account the needs and expectations of stakeholders in different areas of the system. Malagrida also carries out research on the methodologies she applies combined with training in different undergraduate and postgraduate degrees of the University of Barcelona (UB) and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). She also offers training in other universities, research organisations and innovation agencies and has already trained more than 5,500 researchers and innovators. She has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the UB, ESADE, Imperial College of the University of London and VU University of Amsterdam (ongoing).
Marina Pino
Marina Pino graduated in Food Science and Technology at the University of Barcelona (UB) in 2016, after an Erasmus stay at the Università di Bologna (Italy). Later, she completed a master's degree in Food, Ethics and Law also at the UB. She worked in the past in the field of Food Quality and Safety and then joined the Living Lab at IrsiCaixa with the European project FIT4FOOD2030 for the local transformation of the food system. She has also been working on the European InSPIRES project and the Barcelona CaixaResearch Living Lab. She has coordinated training activities and has collaborated in the organisation of RRI courses, system thinking workshops, science education events and dissemination activities, where she has participated as a facilitator.