Putting missions in place: challenge-led innovation in Wales

Past Event
17 January 2022 17:00 (GMT)
17 January 2022 18:00 (GMT)

Missions have been widely discussed as potential solutions to the grand challenges associated with social, economic and environmental issues. This represents a promising agenda for the state and its role in setting and managing missions, but discussions to date have not always reflected the multipolarity of many regional settings, nor the challenges of implementing policies within localised settings. In our paper we explore how missions may be recast as sub-national endeavours, benefiting from trial and test place-based experiments, localised knowledge, lower set up costs and partnership working arrangements among partners who know each other. We illustrate our ideas through three linked initiatives taking place in Wales. The Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) Challenge Fund, the Innovative Future Services project (Infuse) and challenge led policy action. We conclude by reviewing the role of the university in providing a safe space for such experiments.

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Conceptualisation of innovation for transformative change


Dylan Henderson
Dylan is a lecturer in Management and Organisations at Cardiff Business School. His research and teaching spans business innovation, digital technology and government policy. He is particularly interested in the spatial dynamics of business activities and strategy development within the regional context. His research is currently examining the role of actors, organisations and institutions in regional innovation strategies, with a particular focus new forms of policy and ecosystem dynamics. Dylan has published in a range of leading journals and policy publications, and has conducted research for organisations such as the European Commission, Welsh Government, regional development agencies and universities across Europe. He is a member of the Centre for Innovation Policy Research and the Welsh Economy Research Unit at Cardiff University.
Rick Delbridge
Rick is Professor of Organizational Analysis at Cardiff Business School and co-convenor of the Centre for Innovation Policy (CIPR). He is currently the university lead for the design and delivery of the Cardiff Capital Region Challenge Fund (CCR CF) in partnership with Y Lab and the Cardiff Capital Region. Between 2012 and 2019 he was the Dean of Research, Innovation and Enterprise at Cardiff University and led the development of the Social Science Research Park (SPARK). His research interests include the management and organization of innovation, employment relations and Japanese management practices.
Kevin Morgan
Kevin is Professor of Governance and Development in the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University, where he is also the Dean of Engagement. His interests include the theory, policy and practice of place-based innovation systems; multi-level governance regimes; experimental governance; sustainable food systems; and the foundational economy. Apart from his academic work he has worked with the European Commission, the OECD, and numerous governments, development agencies and civil society organisations in Europe. He co-authored the IACW commissioned report on innovation policy in Wales (Scoping the Future of Innovation Policy in Wales) and he is part of a Cardiff University team of researchers working on the Cardiff City Region’s Challenge Fund, which is designed to promote innovative solutions in 3 targeted fields, namely: decarbonisation, health and wellbeing, and transforming communities. He is co-convenor of the Centre for Innovation Policy Research.
Kellie Bierne
Kellie is Chief Executive Cardiff Capital Region City Deal. The City Deal is a £1.28 billion GVA-growth and jobs programme, involving ten South Wales local authorities. She moved from a post as Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Enterprise Officer at Monmouthshire County Council , where she gained a reputation for bringing innovation and innovative ways of working, often private-sector-derived, into the world of public service delivery. She has previously been Director of Innovation and Enterprise and Chief Officer, Regeneration and Culture at Monmouthshire Council. Before that, she undertook roles in a South Wales Housing Association and in local authority Housing policy. Kellie is Co-Chair of the Innovation Advisory Council for Wales.