Our global team includes policy practitioners and funders, professional services and researchers working on the core programme. TIPC Global collaborates closely with the Transformative Innovation Africa Hub, Latin American Hub, TIP South Africa, and other Hubs, members, networks and knowledge partners worldwide. 


TIPC’s members invest in a shared infrastructure for a programme of research, experimentation and collective learning. The Governing Board guides the global programme, determining the vision and mission and aligning these with the wider international policy agenda.

Gilberto Gómez Muñoz
Cabinet of Science, Technology and Innovation, (SENACYT), Panama
Göran Marklund
Deputy Director General at Vinnova, Sweden
Dr. Eduardo Ortega
National Secretary for Science, Technology and Innovation, (SENACYT), Panama
Imraan Patel
Deputy Director General, Department of Science and Innovation, South Africa
Ylva Strander
Head of Department, Innovation Management – Systems Transformation and Policy, Vinnova, Sweden


TIPC’s management group oversee programme design and implementation in partnership with members, hubs and the core team.

Alejandra Boni
Professor, co-director and experimentation and evaluation lead
Matias Ramirez
Principal investigator, co-director and Latin America Hub lead
Johan Schot
Professor and academic director
Victoria Shaw
Programme director and lead for learning and development


Our core team of researchers and professional practitioners deliver the global work programme in collaboration with hubs and knowledge partners around the world.

Míriam Acebillo-Baqué
Researcher in the Shared Agendas experiment (Catalonia)
Alejandra Boni
Professor, co-director and experimentation and evaluation lead
Pip Bolton
Senior project officer
David Brimage
Global Programme Manager and lead for the core work programme and operational management
Christoph Brodnik
Development and support of the TIP Knowledge Community and Resource Lab
Rob Byrne
Senior researcher, SPRU DST/NRF/Newton Fund Trilateral Chair lead
Ani Choudhury
Communications and policy assistant
Chux Daniels
Researcher and director of the Transformative Innovation Africa Hub
Naz Costante
Illustration and graphic design
Bipashyee Ghosh
Researcher and Asia lead
Susanne Keesman
Project manager and director of Global Investors Panel
Jordi Molas-Gallart
Professor and lead on formative evaluation
Marry-Anne Phasha
Postdoctoral research fellow, Transformative Innovation Africa Hub
Matias Ramirez
Principal investigator, co-director and Latin America Hub lead
Victoria Shaw
Programme director and lead for learning and development
Johan Schot
Professor and academic director
Diana Velasco
Researcher and lead for experimentation
Jenny Witte
Strategic communications
Nicky Wunderlich
Executive assistance and student engagement


Since 2016, the following people have worked on the core programme, co-developing the shared methodology, set of experiments, community of demonstrators and resources for designing and enacting Transformative Innovation Policy.

Carla Alvial Palavicino
Researcher, methodologies and tools
Paloma Bernal Hernández
Researcher, policy engagement and knowledge transfer
Geraldine Bloomfield
Research communications
Francisco Dominguez
Research support and communications
Sandro Giachi
Rebecca Kerr
Research support and communications
Cristian Matti
Research collaborator on transformative change and intermediation
Pablo F. Mendez
MOTION facilitator and researcher
Christina Miariti
Programme direction and knowledge community
Claudia Obando Rodriguez
Doctoral researcher and Latin America Hub engagement
Andrea Padilla Cuevas
Research assistance (Hub engagement)
Oscar Romero
Doctoral researcher, Latin America Hub, network analysis and metrics
Senamile Sishi
Research Assistant
Stephanie Solf
Research assistant
Sarah Schepers
Founding programme director
Chandra Singgih Pitoyo
Research assistance, events and communications
Ed Steinmueller
Professor and founding researcher
Paulina Terrazas
Doctoral researcher and policy specialist
Blanche Ting
Doctoral researcher (TIP Africa Hub)
Imogen Wade
Researcher, knowledge management
Kejia Yang
Doctoral researcher and China lead
Elzemiek Zinkstok
Visual communication and learning design