The Latin American & Caribbean HUB of Transformative Innovation launches the illustration on TIP Approach & the HUB’s Story creation

Thinking & Analysis

In the Latin American and Caribbean HUB of Transformative Innovation we are constantly searching for alternative tools that allow us to disseminate and share with the community of the region and those working in science, technology and innovation towards the sustainable development of the region, the history and philosophy of the Transformative Innovation approach.

Through this illustration, the HUB shows the formation of the Consortium on Transformative Innovation Policies (TIPC), to the description of its work in Latin America.

Based on the challenges suggested by the SDGs and the work carried out by TIPC, together with the support of the Colombian Government in 2018, the Green Book was created. This initiative, aligned with the interest of different academic, research, science and development institutions in the Latin American region in developing innovation projects for sustainable development, was the creation of the Latin American and Caribbean HUB for Transformative Innovation (HUBLAyCTIP) with institutions from Colombia. Chile and Mexico. The HUB seeks to promote the formation and fostering of niches that include multiple types of society actors that through transformative experiments challenge unsustainable socio-technical systems. Likewise, it also promotes reflections among public policy practitioners for the reconfiguration of instruments that support the transformation towards an egalitarian, fair and environmentally sustainable society in the south.

Stay tuned for upcoming illustrations about the work of HUBLAyCTIP in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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