Thinking & Analysis

In Thinking and Analysis, TIPC researchers, members, partners and associates reflect upon the opportunities, challenges and implications of applying Transformative Innovation Policy in a wider societal context. Do you have a topic idea that you feel needs covering or are you keen to contribute by writing a guest blog? Then please get in touch

Outcomes and reflections of the MOTION project

In its strategy ‘Transformation in Time’ EIT Climate-KIC aims to act as an orchestrator to catalyse systemic change. In September 2019, the MOTION project set out to make a substantial contribution to that ambition by developing a methodology for working…

MOTION Citizen Engagement Towards Sustainable Cities

Individual action is important for sustainability transformations, but the degree, scope, aggregation and associated mechanisms relating personal participation with systemic change are not always as clear. To explore this issue while creating a space to link individual actions with sustainable…