Transformative Innovation Africa Hub (TIAH)

The Transformative Innovation African Hub (TIAH) is based at the Future Africa Campus, University of Pretoria, South Africa. TIAH brings together a network of Africa’s science, technology and innovation (STI) ministries and agencies, funders and organisations committed to transformative innovation for systems change, sustainable and inclusive development. This Hub aims to make use of STI in fostering long-term systems change and transforming Africa, thereby contributing to the realisation of Africa’s Agenda 2063 and achieving the SDGs.

TIAH’s programmes and activities include transdisciplinary research in STI domains, working with STI systems actors and stakeholders – researchers, policymakers, funders, investors, industry NGOs and civil society. In delivering the programmes and activities TIAH adopts the broad definition of innovation that goes beyond products and processes and includes social, grassroots, and frugal innovation.

TIAH activities focus on three core themes, which are: 1) Transformative research and knowledge co-production in a co-creative approach, 2) Policy experimentation with demonstrators and formative evaluation, and 3) Training, skills and capabilities building.

TIAH was launched during TIPC’s Africa week in May 2023. Since then the hub has recruited a post doctoral fellow and gave an initial seminar presentation at Future Africa, TIAH’s member organisation and the University of Pretoria’s pan-African collaborative research platform that works across scientific fields and disciplines, and with society, to address Africa’s biggest and most urgent contemporary challenges. 

TIAH seminar with Future Africa
Participants of the TIAH seminar with Future Africa


TIAH focusses on conducting transdisciplinary research in STI domains, working with STI systems actors and stakeholders – researchers, policymakers, funders, investors, industry NGOs and civil society.




The Transformative Innovation Africa Hub is coordinated by the University of Pretoria and works closely with researchers at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex. For more information you can mail to Chux Daniels and Mary-Anne Phasa. Below you will find more information about the policy experiment as well as articles and documents developed by TIAH.


TIAH Experimental Case studies

As part of their pilot phase, the Transformative Innovation Africa Hub (TIAH) has conducted three experimental case study projects, yielding insights into defining an experiment and understanding the system in an African context. NOMADIC EDUCATION IN KENYA: A CASE STUDY...


South Africa



Transformative Innovation Africa Hub Opening

What’s the new Transformative Innovation Africa Hub (TIAH) about? How is it different to the previous TIP Africa Hub? What new partnerships are happening? You are invited to get the insight and low down on this exciting new development and collaboration…


Launch of Transformative Innovation Policy Africa Hub

11 DECEMBER 2018 Senegal, Ghana and Kenya are set to participate in the new Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) Africa Hub.  Supported by current Consortium member, South African’s National Research Foundation (NRF), they will collaboratively look at ways to strengthen their...

TIPC aims outlined in Pan-Africa workshop

14 JULY 2017 In June, the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) based at the University of Sussex and the Tanzanian Government Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) co-hosted a workshop in Dar es Salaam to discuss Transformative Innovation Policy and...

Developing and Enacting Transformative Innovation Policy: A Comparative Study

The contemporary world is confronted with a number of grand social and environmental challenges such as social inequality and climate change. Traditional innovation policies, focused on the provision of R&D funding, building innovation systems and promoting entrepreneurialism, are...