TIP Conference 2022 Mini-blogs

Thinking & Analysis

In these miniblogs, several TIP Conference 2022 attendees share their invigorating experiences from participating in January’s gathering of the global TIP community.


Judith Rabfogel-Scheer -Austrian Delegate to the OECD CSTP

The TIP conference was an extraordinary experience in terms of the conferences format, where different forms of online participation were made available for the attendees. The conference smoothly changed in between live-stream, Zoom and Zoom Break-out sessions and an extra learning session on zoom where diverse and very equal interaction between seniors and juniors and participants from all countries and backgrounds could happen. It was the most equal interaction I’ve ever experienced at a conference, for example interaction between the head of the conference committee Ed Steinmueller with a bachelor student was made possible. I already referred to the online conference as a superior experience at several occasions and I will be happy to use this knowledge and maybe also work together with the conference organizing committee at an event that I will plan in the future. Many thanks from Vienna, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

Diego Hernández Flores

I start to talk about the TIP conference 2022 with the first thoughts of Prof. Schot, “the world needs system change,” and “there is no time to waste.” These spaces where the academia, civil society, and public sector work together to show the academic and empirical experiences in several sectors and topics were fantastic!

Besides, learning to use and apply the transformative policy innovation mobilize and involve citizens’ participation that helps to legitimize the process with different methodologies and solve social and ecological problems. Above all, to promote systemic transformations in our societies.

To highlight the sessions, I acknowledge the transformative outcomes for developing knowledge because I always think that in the same order it transform the socio-technical configurations of our research and empirical spaces need to change, for instance, legitimize the tacit knowledge.

Teresa de León Zamora, Director of Technology Commercialisation at CONACYT, the National Science and Technology Council in Mexico

Participating in the TIP Conference 2022 was a great experience that allowed me to get to know the many people around the world who are engaged and promoting the TI framework. It also allowed me to reinforce my own understanding of this framework and to get to know several cases and experiments that are actually being successful.

I was happily surprised about the very dynamic socio platform since it allowed a Net Zero space with many different formats of interaction among participants from all over the world! This made the Conference very stimulating in terms of engaging with others. I had just found that the Socio platform is still active, so it makes it an excellent repository of contacts, knowledge, resources and materials for continuing the learning process and allows everybody to stay connected with other colleagues.

Going back to the platform, I could appreciate that people are not interacting any more, something I hope soon changes and to be able to see it is a day to day space for everybody. It has so many resources!!! I see that the Networking Tables are still working, making it a great space to continue or start conversations or ideate joint projects. So I invite everybody to use it as a working/networking space.

I want to highlight that in the 23 sessions in which I participated, I found that participants were from many diverse fields and were very engaged and participative, willing to learn and share. Dialogues allowed the sharing of alternative narratives, so they were very nutritious and inspirational for the mobilization of ideas.

I believe that societies need to learn new ways of living without creating destruction. Challenges for these transitions are significant, so I also believe that the Transformative Innovation and Transitions community of learning can be of great impact for the world and needs to keep expanding to achieve those incremental changes that can eventually be transformative.

Finally, I want to congratulate the organizers who, from different institutions and networks, joined in the effort of gathering an amazing number of people and resources to strengthen the transitions of socio technical systems framework. I look forward to continuing the conversation and the sharing of experiences.



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