TIP Research & Publications

At the heart of TIPC is transformative research. Research informed by policy; and policy informed by transformative research. TIPC research is co-created with policymakers so that interventions can be informed by evidence, and developed through live implementation and experimentation.

Evidence and knowledge is co-produced from multiple voices, that enables reflection and learning to create transformation in systems to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



TIPC Publications

TIPC has a range of research publications on theory, implementation and experimentation. Browse and locate the Journal Articles, Working Papers, Research Reports, previous Conference Reports and Brochures.

TIPC Research Projects

Along with the various policy experiment projects, TIPC is conducting a global Second-Order Learning (SOL) research project into changes in behaviour, values, rules and assumptions following the COVID-19 pandemic.

TIP Research Community

There is a global research community working on enacting Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP). Research is occurring in a variety of contexts, across multiple systems – all with the central aim of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in new, alternative, transformative ways.

TIPC's Cornerstone Papers

The Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC) was founded on the seminal paper – Three Frames for Innovation Policy: R&D, Systems of Innovation, and Transformative Change (Schot & Steinmueller 2017). Since then two other cornerstone papers for TIPC on Formative Evaluation and Transformative Outcomes have been published, which inform the TIPC Methodology and the TIP implementation stage for policy experimentation.