Gabriela Linan


Gabriela is economist by education and holds a master’s degree in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex. She is PhD Candidate from the Institute of World Economy at Corvinus University. Her research interest in the field of development studies, is the political economy of energy transitions. Former positions are; - Researcher Assistant for the Economic Department at the Mexican Embassy in London, United Kingdom - Researcher at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Trade (IFAT) in Budapest, Hungary - Business Manager for a British multinational telecommunication holding company Some of her latest publications includes; • Linan, G. (2018) Renegotiating NAFTA: The United States – Mexico – Canada Agreement. KKI Policy Brief. Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade. ISSN 2416-0148 • Linan, G. (2019) Review on Development in Africa: Refocusing the Lens After the Millennium Development Goals. Progress in Development Studies. Volume 20 Issue 1 . Pp. 112-120 ISSN 10.1177/1464993419880984 In addition to her academic career, Gabriela is currently Head for Business Development of Education Europe Group (group of schools in Budapest, Hungary including Magyar Iskola and International House). Gabriela is skilled in research, business development and foreign languages such as Spanish, French and Hungarian.
Role in TIPC: Conference 2019