Gertje van Roessel


Gertje has been working as a coach with the self managed teams at Buurtzorg in the Netherlands from the start and nowadays she is setting up and supporting the worldwide network of Buurtzorg together with the colleagues in the International team. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in nursing, in 1983, from the University of Nijmegen, she began her career as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital in the Netherlands. She worked for years as a community nurse in the Netherlands and had several management roles in Home Healthcare organisations. Gertje completed two postgraduate degrees, the first in Healthcare Innovation and the second in Healthcare Management. When she joined Buurtzorg in 2006 she was coaching the first self managed teams of Buurtzorg. Since 2012, together with the colleagues in the International team, she is responsible for setting up the worldwide network of Buurtzorg and together with Jos de Blok she has been inspiring professionals, teams, coaches and leaders all around the world. She provides support, workshops, training and keynotes for organisations and companies around the world who have an interest in Buurtzorg, the dynamics of Teal organisations or who are in an organisational transformation.