Lorena Ruiz


A microbiologist from the Andes University. OAS fellow in scientific dissemination at the MAST in Rio de Janeiro. Master in Dissemination and Communication of Science and Technology from the Oviedo University and the OEI. With several courses in empowerment, leadership, Relational Marketing, among others. With 29 years of experience in activities: as research for five years at Cenicafé; as a teacher for more than ten years at various universities, as a science communicator, for 10 years at the Colombian Association for the Advancement of Science - ACAC and as an editor with 21 years of experience in science communication and social appropriation projects of science with an emphasis on the publisher sector. Currently, she is the director of the publishing house of Antonio Nariño University, since 2008. She has belonged to the Board of Directors of the Colombian Association of University Publishers - ASEUC since 2008, where she served as Treasurer 2011-2016 and is now again treasurer for the period 2021-2023.
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