Marivanda Bortoloso Pigatto


PhD Student in Business Administration at Positivo University; Master in Business Administration - Innovation and Sustainability at Positivo University; Specialist in Tourism Planning and Management at FAFI União da Vitória - Pr; Bachelor in Business Administration and in Tourism, at FACE União da Vitoria – Pr and undergraduate Business Administration Coordinator and Professor at UNIUV - Centro Universitário de União da Vitória since 2007, where she directs undergraduate projects of Business Administration in the areas of: strategic planning, innovation and sustainability and marketing. She was President of the Regional Tourism Council of Vale do Contestado linked to the Santa Catarina State Government (2013-2017) and acted as a regional representative with the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sports, where part of the State Tourism Regionalization Program for 12 years. She worked in a private company in the direction of International Trade, Marketing and Product Innovation for 17 years. She was President of the Municipal Tourism Council for two terms, Coordinator and Director of Municipal Tourism in Porto União - SC, and also Founder and President of ADETUR- Regional Tourism Development Association; She was undergraduate Tourism Coordinator at Uniuv for two terms and has over 10 years of experience in advising management of tourist destinations, feasibility studies, strategic planning, tourism planning and development of municipalities, potential diagnoses, among others. Realized projects of tourist routes, environmental and historic parks, gastronomy project at FACISC and at SEBRAE / SC, and participated in the creation, execution and arrangement of public and private partnerships for the development of the Caminhos do Contestado Regional Tourism Project.