Sieglinde Kindl da Cunha


Research productivity scholarship 2. PhD in Economics - area of innovation policies - from the Institute of Economics of the University of Campinas in 1995. Specialization in Regional Economics from the University of São Paulo - USP in 1974 and in Economic Development from the Federal University Paraná, 1989. She was a researcher at the Research Center of the Paranaense Institute for Economic and Social Development - IPARDES from 1974 1980 and Research Director of IPARDES from 1996 to 2002. She was an adjunct professor at the Department of Economics of UFPR, from which she retired. in 1996. She was a Senior Professor at the Postgraduate Program in Business Administration - PMDA, from UFPR from 2002 until 2013. She was a Full Professor at the Master in Development and Organizations at FAE - Centro Universitário from 2009 to 2010. Since 2005 she is a full professor at Postgraduate Program in Business Administration - PPGA and Postgraduate Program in Environmental Management - PGAMB from Positivo University. She is the coordinator of the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation research line, and is the coordinator of the PPGA Innovation and Sustainability Research Group, and also participates in the practice, subjectivity and organizations research group, developing research on sustainable innovation practices. It is part of Sustainability Transition Brazil, Global South Transition and Sustainable Transition Research Network. It has articles published in national and international journals and book chapters and articles presented and published in National and International Congress Proceedings.
Role in TIPC: Conference 2019