TIPC Cornerstone Papers on Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP)

The Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC) was founded on the ‘Three Frames’ seminal research paper by Professor Johan Schot and Professor Ed Steinmueller. It is now available in Spanish and French as well as English. From this research, the international strategic partnership of researchers and policymakers that is TIPC, was founded.


Since TIPC’s creation in 2016 from the ‘Three Frames’ paper, the Consortium has developed a TIPC Methodology (TM)  based on two further research papers focusing on a Formative Evaluation (FE) Theory of Change (ToC) for Transformative Outcomes (TOs). These two papers are informing the next stage for TIPC which is implementation of member country’s policy experiments using TM.


Cover page of journal article

Cover page of transformative outcomes paper