20 May 2019 00:09 (GMT)
23 May 2019 00:17 (GMT)

On the 20th May 2019, delegates from TIPC member countries Finland, Sweden, Norway, South Africa, and Colombia arrived at the University of Sussex, UK, for three day’s residential training.  The training formed part of a wider “Transformative Innovation Learning Journey” organised by TIPC in collaboration with EIT气候KIC.

The learning journey is part of a wider capacity building, and training initiative on Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) with policymakers and researchers, and is an important part of TIPC’s Five Year programme.  It aims to embed the TIP approach in participating organisations and support efforts to build a transnational community of practice. Using participatory methods and peer to peer deep learning it helps mobilise new, co-created knowledge into practice. This is a continuous journey as shown in the diagram below and the aim is to bring new groups along to this
journey each year, building on the experience, learning and insights from the cohort of the previous year. It is an active learning process for all involved where participants and mentors are experientially involved in the journey to promote opportunities for second order or deep learning.

The TIP learning journey process:


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