Engagement Week 2024: Scaling experimentation – A catalyst for transformative system change

17 September 2024
19 September 2024

In September 2024, public and private investors will meet for the first time in Barcelona for an Engagement Week led by TIPC and the Deep Transitions Lab, which will build new partnerships and an emerging community of practice dedicated to profound systemic change.

Under the theme of ‘Scaling experimentation: A catalyst for transformative system change’, we will create the spaces and conditions for fresh exchanges between public and private actors, and build new narratives around the agency of investors in tackling transformational failure.

This global forum will synchronise emerging work on systems transformation, identifying novel strategies, methodologies and areas for cooperation and mutual value, while exploring practical models and replicable actions for integrating system change into investment practices and policy-making.

Hosted with the generous support of the Government of Catalonia, which is working intensely on application of systems thinking to place-based regional challenges, the Engagement Week will bring together diverse actors from the public and private sectors. These will include impact and ESG investors, national and regional government agencies from around the world, NGOs and development funders, global research networks, regional knowledge hubs, and intergovernmental organisations.

The event will also provide opportunities for the next generation of change agents – including university students based in Africa, Europe and Latin America – to engage with investors and explore a shared agenda towards a more sustainable future.

Up to 150 participants will take part in the programme, which will be made up of two components:

  • Tuesday 17th – Wednesday 18th September: TIPC member and DT Lab partner activities
  • Thursday 19th September: Conference for the TIP and DT Lab knowledge communities

We will look at navigating the dynamics of scaling, how public and private actors can collaborate, and address our assumptions about paths to success. In a programme dedicated to reframing challenges and creating new visions of the future, activities will include:

  • Networking and social activities
  • Joint learning sessions with policy actors addressing the theory and practice behind interventions in sociotechnical systems in order to advance transformative change
  • Live engagement with a new Transformative Investment ‘bundle’ experiment, which will deliver action between private and public actors on place-based challenges In Catalonia
  • Face-to-face meetings for DT Lab partner investors and TIPC’s Governing Board
  • The launch of a new European Hub (TRIP-EuHub – TRansformative Innovation Policy European 中心) for research and practice on the orientation of European innovation policy towards system change and a sustainable future
  • Panels, plenaries and parallel sessions with thought leaders from the Transformative Investment and Transformative Innovation Policy knowledge communities, all working on the application of transitions theory towards investments in sustainability and social change

Please note that due to venue capacity, we have limited places for the engagement week. We will be sending out a call for submissions and providing more information on how to register your interest. To keep updated, sign up for the TIPC 数字文摘 or follow the Deep Transitions Lab on LinkedIn.