Transforming Taiwan: Towards a Green Future

4 March 2024
6 March 2024
Taipei, Taiwan

How can transformative innovation policies that address social challenges be designed and evaluated?  

TIPC will be taking part in a series of meetings in Taipei, aimed at learning from work in Taiwan on transformations towards a green future. The programme, co-created with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)Department of Industrial Technology, in partnership with local research institutes and networks, will delve into the following topics for shared exploration and enquiry:

  • Design thinking for sustainability and societal good
  • Taiwan innovation policies for Green Transition
  • Design and evaluation of Transformative Innovation Policy mixes
  • TIPC’s role as a platform to address international learning about Transformations and a Green Future
  • The Circular Economy and Green Transition: Agenda setting and policy design for Transformative policy mixes
  • Food waste recycling and carbon farming for addressing the climate crisis
  • Implementation of Green Trade projects 
  • Designing an innovation policy experiment to address societal challenge and future needs