UN-ECE Transformative Innovation Network podcast: Strategic learning – managing an unpredictable future

9 April 2024 17:00(格林威治标准时间)
9 April 2024 18:00(格林威治标准时间)

How might TIP practitioners leverage new types of learning to work with complex systems and uncertainty?

Join UN-ECE Transformative Innovation Network (ETIN) on the 9th April to discuss the role of strategic learning in Transformative Innovation with Kjell Håkan Närfelt, from TIPC member Vinnova, and Leonard Kelleher, part of the Network of Coaches for the TIP资源实验室.

To join the live session, register for the ETIN network here: https://wiki.unece.org/display/ETIN/ETIN+User+Registration