Harnessing innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals – UNCTAD’s National Framework

Thinking & Analysis

Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals requires a radical transformation of current innovation systems.  To this end, UNCTAD has published a new framework for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Reviews (STIPs) that introduces the concept of Transformative Innovation Policy.  TIPC Academic Founder and Director Johan Schot worked closely with UNCTAD to contribute to their new framework and report, which presents ambitious vision for transformative STI policymaking that advances an inclusive and sustainable development agenda.

The new framework calls for commitment to an inclusive process involving a broad range of social actors. It also requires flexibility in tailoring the process to each country’s specific concerns, priorities, development trajectories and policy needs. A key feature of STIP Reviews is the systematic effort made to involve a broad range of stakeholders. This participatory process can mobilise networks of actors towards transformation through policy experimentation and learning. Most importantly, it relies on a shared vision among all stakeholders of the power of STI to drive global development that leaves no one behind.