学习是 TIPC 的基础,贯穿该计划,并为研究人员和从业人员提供推动变革的空间。我们的学习活动有助于将共同创造的知识运用到实践中,将 TIP 方法嵌入参与组织并支持建立跨国实践社区的努力。

TIPC 学习活动旨在:

  • 支持 TIP 理论和方法在国内的实施,借鉴政策设计和评估的见解,
  • generate new knowledge from experimentation,
  • contribute to the development of the Resource Lab through resources, tools, and the development of competencies and mindsets,
  • facilitate the transfer of co-created knowledge across policy contexts, and
  • 支持 TIP 从业者和示范者的全球和区域网络的形成。


对于 TIPC 而言,学习是研究人员和从业人员之间作为平等伙伴工作并依赖于相互承诺的协作过程。

Transformation requires experimentation, out-of-the ordinary actions and an open mind. It is a learning process for everyone involved, including ‘delivery teams’.



In TIPC’s next phase, our learning programme will focus on:

  • supporting regional and global network platforms for practitioners engaged in transformative change;
  • drawing on ‘live’ experimentation in diverse policy contexts, and
  • building capabilities, through use of the TIP资源实验室, through learning from application of TIP ‘on the ground’, and through insights from practitioners stretching TIP thinking and connecting it to other fields.

We aim to accommodate diverse participants with different levels of familiarity with TIPC theories, tools and methodologies.

TIPC’s learning lead is 维多利亚·肖, 项目总监, 基于 科学政策研究组, University of Sussex Business School. TIPC also works in close partnership with AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and Eu-SPRI on the Open Learning Series to support the emerging global knowledge community for Transformative Innovation Policy.


TIPC 的开放式学习系列为世界各地致力于变革政策方法的人们提供了空间,以更新他们的知识、相互联系和学习,旨在将 STI 政策的叙述转变为关注变革和可持续发展目标。


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