This month, national policymakers; global investors; and academics dedicated to action-research from the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC) and Deep Transitions (DT) Futures project teams, have been agenda-setting to create the next phase of a transformative trajectory. The next stage for the projects, both coordinated by the University of Utrecht Centre for Global Challenges (UGLOBE), the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Business school in the UK and INGENIO from the University of Valencia in Spain, is to broaden and deepen the insights and results from the research conducted over recent years.


Based on perspectives and methods from Sustainability Transitions, the first stage of the projects has involved experimentation and co-creation with international policy partners and global investors that has led to transformative tools (as curated in the developing TIP资源实验室), real-world actions and context-specific learnings (such as the forthcoming Transformative Investment philosophy), which can now be expressed across across new networks and partners. The world is increasingly searching for alternative ways of practice and paths to tackle the climate and inequality crisis. TIPC and DT Futures’ work shine a light on how this can potentially be achieved.

The TIPC and DT Futures are long-term ‘sister’ projects that seek to help enable system change to combat climate and social challenges. Each action research project is instilling a new approach to policy and investment that strives to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

By joining forces to amalgamate resources, purpose, direction and momentum these international strategic partnerships move policy and investment toward transforming to sustainablely-oriented means, focuses and practices for policy, business and investment.  The teams focused on discussing and analysing the next reiteration that can be at the forefront of experimentation for fresh alternatives and crucial new developments in the approaches to transformative policy and investment.

Professor Johan Schot, founder and Academic Director of both projects said:

“We are entering a new phase for TIPC, and the Deep Transition Futures Project. Both will focus more on implementation through experimentation, and aim to include a larger global network of policy makers, investors and researchers, with the ambition to accelerate sustainability transitions. A huge and complex task, it needs collective actions, but given the energy in the workshop, I trust we will be able to activate an impactful new chapter to the TIPC-DT initiatives and collaborations. “

Caption: The teams gathering, in-person and digitally, over two days in Utrecht for collective thinking, analysis and discussion towards transformative sustainability and a just transition.