2017 年 TIPC 会议——“变革性创新政策的前景”


The debut Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium conference, jointly organised by the 科学政策研究组 (SPRU) at the University of Sussex and the 国家研究基金会 (NRF) in South Africa, takes place from 20-21 September in Pretoria. The Conference is the culmination of TIPC activities and advancements in its exciting first year.

The creation of TIPC has been in answer to the need for fresh directions in science, technology and innovation (STI) policies towards alternative outcomes that sustainably enhance our societies. Based around the Frame 3 perspective of Transformative Innovation Policy, the Consortium is helping shape the agenda in experimenting with and developing alternative frameworks, methods and metrics for STI policy to reach new societal achievements. At the Conference, by expanding the narrative and knowledge around Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP), new pathways and partnerships can be forged. The prospects for TIP within the founding member countries, are exciting, challenging and, potentially ground breaking, for them and the entire globe. Professor Schot said:

‘At the culmination of our exploratory year, the TIPC conference is the finale to our pilot programme of activities for TIPC’s founding members. We have started to test ideas and rationales; built strong, productive relationships; and most crucially, begun to identify the directions to go and the difficult questions to ask. We may be a long way from the answers, but the exploration for fresh policy thinking and practice in STI has commenced with commitment and rigour. Our vision is an essential one. We know building new knowledge, and the associated narratives and frameworks, is complex.  Yet, we know too that our current systems of provision must change. We need to experiment, research, evaluate, disseminate, write and communicate new STI practice that supports developing the world sustainably. Together, starting at the 2017 Conference, we will add new layers of knowledge to our emerging theory of Transformative Innovation Policy. We are commencing the next chapter in our exciting and promising TIPC story.’

To engage with the conference and be involved in the debate follow TIPC at @TIP联盟 with the hashtag #TIPC2017Conf

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