In Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP), the concept of ‘experimentation’ is used to capture the ethos of exploration and learning in alternative ways of doing things for transformative change. This can be done through promoting a culture of experimentation and nurturing an experimental mindset. The notion of experimentation is unique in each context and likely to evolve throughout the course of TIP implementation within a certain context. 

Above all, experimentation conveys the intent to try out alternatives, to unearth, challenge assumptions and work with ambiguities and uncertainties. Ultimately, experiments are to provide blue prints for system change. 


The second component of the TIP Resource Lab focusses on experimentation for Transformative Innovation Policy. The lab provides guidance and tools for creating an experimental space, defining and managing an experiment in TIP-orientated projects, programmes and policy initiatives. The Component 2 User Guide provides an introduction to experimentation for Transformative Innovation Policy. 


Over the past years, TIPC members and associates have engaged in a number of policy experiments and experimental case studies. Below posts shed light on their experiences. 

TIAH Experimental Case studies

As part of their pilot phase, the Transformative Innovation Africa Hub (TIAH) has conducted three experimental case study projects, yielding insights into defining an experiment and understanding the system in an African context. NOMADIC EDUCATION IN KENYA: A CASE STUDY…


Our experiments with a range of universities across Latin America are engaging in policy experiments tackling transformative processes in agriculture, waste management, cancer treatment and the role of education instead of fear based politics.   Our current projects within the…


In this project, TIPC researchers collaborate with Sweden’s Innovation Agency – Vinnova. The policy experiment’s aim is to enable managers, policymakers and others to become more effective in realising and evaluating missions, with a reflexive and transformative lens. The team…


  MOTION is a collaboration between TIPC and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Knowledge and Innovation Community (EIT Climate-KIC)   While the unprecedented global challenges including climate change and growing inequality call for urgent action, the transition towards…


The South African Department for Science, Technology and Innovation (DSI) has been a member of TIPC since its launch in 2016. After completing the TIP exploratory methodology and working at the centre of the Consortium since its formation on the…