瑞典转型创新政策平台 (STIPP)



The Swedish Transformative Innovation Policy Platform (STIPP) brings together the strongest research environments and policy makers in the field of innovation and sustainability transitions in Sweden. The overall aim of the platform is to advance our understanding of the dynamics and governance of sustainability transitions, and to develop a more comprehensive framework for transformative innovation policy. As a first empirical entry point, the platform will focus on the analysis of two transition areas that are currently of high strategic importance in Sweden (and abroad): the transformation towards a bio-based economy and the development of smart cities. The platform has three main theoretical research themes: 1) The role of intermediaries for transformative innovation and change, 2) Multi-scalar transition dynamics and implications for policy making and 3) Policy evaluation for transformative change.

STIPP thus aims at contributing to a variety of themes of TIPC. In particular, our research addresses (1) New ways of defining and conceptualising transformative change and its relationship with policy; (5) The role of specific actors in transformative change: Governments, businesses, scholars, civil society organisations; (6) Geographies of transformative innovation policy: Context specific characteristics, issues of space and scale and (7) Mechanisms and practicalities of TIP: Designs, tools, monitoring and evaluation of transformative innovation.


STIPP Website

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