The broad objective of the study is to facilitate the identification existing decision support tools, develop criteria for selecting a high impact and transformational support tool, pilot the tool and
make recommendations to the Department of Science and Technology on the scaling up of the tool to the National Department and stakeholders in the human settlement sector. The project is
a direct response to South African contemporary housing challenges and also contribute to SDGs. This is mission oriented research that seeks the conundrum of housing backlog while simultaneously facilitating knowledge production and the creation of spaces for knowledge transfer. More importantly, this transformative innovation project promotes the co production of
knowledge through government, industry and university as well as other relevant stakeholders.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • to compile a baseline of decision support tools for sustainable human settlement
  • to select and prioritise a high impact decision support to that can improve the delivery of
    sustainable human settlement projects
  • to present the selected decision support tool at the workshop with human settlement
  • to pilot and document ‘lessons learnt’, constraints, benefits and requirements for scaling
    up and
  • to produce policy brief highlighting policy implications and requirements for scaling up

The project team members are from diverse disciplines in Housing, Development, Geography, Spatial Analysis and Policy. The project duration and expected to be completed in March 2020.

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