变革性创新非洲中心 (TIAH)

The Transformative Innovation African Hub (TIAH) is based at the Future Africa Campus, University of Pretoria, South Africa. TIAH brings together a network of Africa’s science, technology and innovation (STI) ministries and agencies, funders and organisations committed to transformative innovation for systems change, sustainable and inclusive development. This Hub aims to make use of STI in fostering long-term systems change and transforming Africa, thereby contributing to the realisation of Africa’s Agenda 2063 and achieving the SDGs.

TIAH’s programmes and activities include transdisciplinary research in STI domains, working with STI systems actors and stakeholders – researchers, policymakers, funders, investors, industry NGOs and civil society. In delivering the programmes and activities TIAH adopts the broad definition of innovation that goes beyond products and processes and includes social, grassroots, and frugal innovation.

TIAH activities focus on three core themes, which are: 1) Transformative research and knowledge co-production in a co-creative approach, 2) Policy experimentation with demonstrators and formative evaluation, and 3) Training, skills and capabilities building.

区域中心负责人: 丹尼尔斯, Marry-Anne Phasha
按地区覆盖的国家: 博茨瓦纳、加纳、肯尼亚、马拉维、毛里求斯、纳米比亚、荷兰、尼日利亚、卢旺达、塞内加尔、塞舌尔、南非、坦桑尼亚、英国、赞比亚、津巴布韦






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在这些迷你博客中,2022 年 TIP 会议的几位与会者分享了他们参加 1 月份全球 TIP 社区聚会的振奋人心的经历。 Judith Rabfogel-Scheer - 经合组织 CSTP 的奥地利代表 TIP 会议在...
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2022 年变革性创新政策 (TIP) 会议

建立关于变革性创新政策的知识基础设施——现已上线!!!虚拟净零活动,2022 年 1 月 17 日至 21 日??????!!!!!!重要提示:请确保您在 Chrome 上查看 #TIPCon2022 以正确查看 LIVE STREAM https://t.co/rafhRfzmnp 这是所有...的指南