This is a library of policy and research resources on Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) produced since TIPC’s formation in 2016. The item types are categorised below. Each type of resources is then chronologically listed, with the newest item being first.  For full research publications visit the TIP Research & Publications.



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TIPC 政策简报涵盖与变革性创新政策 (TIP) 相关的一系列主题,包括使用形成性评估 (FE) 变革理论 (ToC) 和变革性成果 (TO) 的 TIPC 方法论的理论和实验。


The range of TIPC reports cover subjects, such as, case studies completed within the country context; guidelines for TIP experimentation programmes in-country; and reports on research items such as the Transformative Outcomes (TOs) and Formative Evaluation (FE).


These Member Country Factfiles are information sheets on each of the TIPC member countries. The Factfiles outline each member's particular interest in TIP and the case studies they followed in the initial investigations into Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) within their country's context.

变革性创新学习历史 (TILH)

These reports form part of the exploratory phase for becoming a member of TIPC. Each country goes through a TIP mapping process then selects a TIP case study. This case study is a 'Transformative Innovation Learning History' of a project with transformative potential and characteristics, from which TIP lessons can be drawn for further experimentation and implementation to reach the SDGs within their context and situation.