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While much has been written on the rationales and need for transformative innovation policies, there are still few studies or initiatives that provide an understanding of what is needed on part of policy and public administration to become more ‘transformational’. Particularly challenging is the question how to successfully phase out sectors with poor sustainable performances. This requires understanding of vested interests of incumbent industries, and careful consideration of how these resist and support systemic change. Little is known about good and bad policy practices when it comes to ‘industrial transitions’, i.e. the processes through which societies break away from declining sectors and activities, and chart actionable paths towards sustainable economic development without creating new inequalities. Our initiative therefore unites different stakeholders and communities with an interest in governance arrangements for facilitating challenge-led and transformation-oriented innovation, including both academic scholars as well as policy practitioners. Based on the research conducted in joint projects between MIPO, JRC and INTRANSIT on European policies for industrial transformation, the aim of the session proposed for the TIP Conference 2022 is to bring together policy officials in reflecting on the research results and each others experiences. In line with the ambition of creating knowledge infrastructures for sharing lessons, the envisaged policy panel helps to consolidate a network of policy makers that seek to become more transformative both in terms of how they operate as well as what they bring about.

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Iris Wanzenböck 是乌得勒支大学哥白尼可持续发展研究所的助理教授。她的研究重点是新形式的研究和创新政策,特别是任务导向和区域创新政策的治理,以应对社会挑战。凭借跨学科背景,她在研究中结合了经济地理学、政治学和创新研究的见解。
Matthijs 接受过创新科学家培训,研究创新政策和战略。他的研究活动包括基于统计建模、调查研究、访谈和案例研究等方法的定量和定性分析。作为哥白尼可持续发展研究所的助理教授,Matthijs 主要关注产业政策、转型、以使命为导向的创新政策和新型智能专业化形式。这些研究是在埃因霍温科技大学的 Matthijs 博士论文“进化视角下的服务创新”(2016 年 ISPIM 创新管理论文奖亚军)以及他在国际中心的博士后职位之后进行的。发展 - 哈佛肯尼迪政府学院。 Matthijs 目前的工作主要侧重于评估针对特定部门、知识领域或社会挑战的“变革性”创新政策的治理和影响。 Matthijs 是乌得勒支大学“以使命为导向的创新政策观察站”的协调员;见:www.uu.nl/en/research/copernicus-institute-of-sustainable-development/mission-orientation-innovation-policy-observatory。 Matthijs 还担任 Dialogic Innovation & Interaction 的首席科学家。他经常担任项目负责人,为经济事务和气候政策部、教育文化和科学部、基础设施和水管理部、财政部、Rijkswaterstaat、欧盟委员会等客户(共同)撰写了大约 40 篇研究报告和经合组织。
Joeri Wesseling works as assistant professor and the Innovation Studies group of the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development. His research focuses on socio-technical transitions, innovation and transition policy – with a particular focus on missions, and the role of incumbent firms in these processes. His most recent conceptual contributions focus on Mission-oriented Innovation Systems and other perspectives to better understand mission policies, and on conceptualizing the positive and negative impact of global regimes on radical innovations via institutional pressures. The sectors he most frequently studies are the energy-intensive processing industries and the transportation industry.
Koen Frenken 自 2014 年起担任乌得勒支大学哥白尼可持续发展研究所创新研究正教授。他目前担任哥白尼研究所创新研究部门的主席,并且是乌得勒支大学战略主题“开放社会机构”的项目团队成员。在 2014 年之前,Koen 曾在埃因霍温科技大学(2009-2013 年)和乌得勒支大学(2001-2009 年)的经济地理学担任职务。他曾担任荷兰社会和经济委员会 (SER) 的委员会成员,负责机器人化和平台工作的主题。 Koen 还与 Rathenau 研究所就共享经济主题进行了合作(2017 年),并与荷兰空间规划局就欧洲研究区的主题进行了合作(2007 年)。他的理论兴趣包括进化经济学、制度社会学和复杂性理论。他致力于可持续发展转型、经济地理、平台经济和创新政策。 2001年,他获得了格勒诺布尔大学(应用经济学)和阿姆斯特丹大学(社会科学)的联合博士学位。
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Caetano CR Penna 是乌得勒支大学全球挑战中心(荷兰)的高级研究员和里约热内卢联邦大学经济研究所的兼职教授(目前正在休假)。 Penna 博士还担任里约热内卢科学、技术和创新机构 FAPERJ 技术理事会的专家顾问。他拥有苏塞克斯大学(英国)SPRU 科学和技术政策研究博士学位、TalTech 大学(爱沙尼亚)技术治理硕士学位和里约热内卢联邦大学经济科学学士学位。他的研究兴趣包括变革性的“以使命为导向”的政策和可持续转型的融资。在 MOTION 项目中,Penna 博士协调了形成性评估方法的共同创建和测试,该方法将变革性成果整合到 EIT 气候-KIC 可持续共享交通倡议 (SuSMO) 中。
Dr Jonas Torrens is an assistant professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Technology, Innovation and Society group. He is a transdisciplinary researcher with expertise in urban, policy and societal experimentation applied to sustainability transitions. Jonas has worked with the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium since 2016. He is also a member of the Mission-oriented Innovation Policy Observatory (MIPO) hosted by the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development.
Taran Thune 是奥斯陆大学创新政策和管理学教授,她还领导着 INTRANSIT 研究中心,该研究中心致力于绿色工业转型的研究和创新政策。她目前的研究兴趣集中在既有产业的重新定位以及现有产业和部门与新兴利基市场之间的相互关系,并以能源部门为重点。由于对现有制度、政策过程、现有行为者所持有的政治和权力感兴趣,因此也是 INTRANSIT 的重要研究焦点。
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