Governing industrial transitions – Policy experiences from across Europe


While much has been written on the rationales and need for transformative innovation policies, there are still few studies or initiatives that provide an understanding of what is needed on part of policy and public administration to become more ‘transformational’....
STIP Compass – a knowledge infrastructure for transformation?

STIP Compass——转型的知识基础设施?

This panel session focuses on STIP Compass, a digital knowledge management infrastructure maintained by the European Commission and OECD for collecting and displaying data on countries’ STI policies. STIP Compass contains information on more than 6,000 STI policy initiatives currently...
Contrasting transformative experiments through variegated representations of space


Meta-frameworks have undoubted advantages for public policy – they can help to articulate new imaginaries and can serve as guides towards specific actions (and as vehicles for funding). But there can also be downsides, especially when practices inspired by these...