Imagining societal challenges: from vision to action


To tackle grand societal challenges, the role of imaginaries can be crucial in the creation of societal awareness, understanding and support. That is, how we represent things, for example in the media, has great impact: evocative images and the recurrence...
Experimental Adaptation and Mitigation Hub (EXAM)

实验适应和缓解中心 (EXAM)

In the frame of a research project funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund, a team of researchers from the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) and TU Wien works on establishing an “Experimental Adaptation and Mitigation Hub” (EXAM). The...
(Re)defining Experimentation in the Global South


Experimentation as a policy making tool is moving into the mainstream as local actor networks around alternative socio-technical systems (cycling, organic agriculture, fair trade coffee, waste recycling) are flowering. Underlying some of these experiments are longer-term visions based on anticipatory...