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Matias Ramirez is Senior Lecturer at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex Business School where TIPC was founded. He is Principal Investigator for TIPC at SPRU, Co-Director as part of the Consortium's Management Group, and coordinates the work of TIPC in Latin America. This includes the partnership with Minciencias and the writing of the Green Book policy document in Colombia in 2018, and the work on mapping the sustainable development goals of the national research system of Mexico funded by CONACYT. In 2020 he helped to create Latin America Hub, involving organisations from a number of countries including Colombia, Chile and Mexico. Much of his current research activity is related to transformative innovation policy in Latin America, including studies of social movements, development of SDG indicators for transformative change and spatial dimensions of transitions.
Claudia E. Obando Rodriguez 是经济学家,技术与创新管理硕士,目前是 SPRU 的博士研究员。此前,她在哥伦比亚信息通信技术部领导国家数字创业计划 Apps.co。作为 Colciencias(现为哥伦比亚科学、技术和创新部 - Minciencias)的高级顾问,她领导了基于技术的创业和管理创新计划。 2016 年,她获得了苏塞克斯大学 CIRS 的校长国际研究奖学金,这使她以博士生的身份回到了英国。她的研究着眼于社会行动者在发展中国家区域多元化和工业变革过程中的作用。自 2016 年以来,她一直参与哥伦比亚 TIPC 的工作,支持培训、指导和研究,目前管理拉丁美洲中心的通信。她的主要兴趣是了解由实现可持续发展目标驱动的产业转型和区域多元化进程的部门动态。
Paloma Bernal Hernández has worked as a Research Fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex Business School, where she finished her PhD in Science and Technology Policy Studies. Her research interests have been related to agricultural innovation systems, knowledge networks and inclusive innovation towards the improvement of science, technology and innovation policy in developing countries. Within TIPC, she has worked on research related to the implementation of a transformative innovation policy in Colombia, as a post-doctoral researcher for the Latin American Hub and Caribbean HUB for Transformative Innovation Policy, and on learning tools, policy engagement and knowledge transfer for the Transformative Innovation Policy Resource Lab.