PhD student in the Postgraduate Program in Business Administration at Universidade Positivo - PPGA-UP, Master in Bionergy at Federal University of Paraná - UFPR in 2014, Specialist in Production Engineering at the International University Center - UNINTER in 2018, Specialist in Financial Engineering at International University Center - UNINTER in 2009. Member of the Research Line on Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Research Group on Innovation and Sustainability of PPGA-UP. Participant of the research group on practices, subjectivities and organizations, developing research on sustainable innovation practices. Member of the Sustainability Transition Research Network Brazil, Global South Transition and Sustainable Transition. Author of articles published in magazines, book chapter and articles presented and published in Annals of the National and International Congresses. Professor of higher education at the International University Center - UNINTER, since 2012.
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